Tóth A., Zs. Horváth, Cs. F. Vad et al: Zooplankton of the European soda pans ...(2014)

Tóth A., Zs. Horváth, Cs. F. Vad, K. Zsuga, S. A. Nagy & E. Boros
Zooplankton of the European soda pans: Fauna and conservation of a unique habitat type
International Review of Hydrobiology 99 (3): pp. 255–276.
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Despite the high conservation value of intermittent soda pans, these habitats were mostly
targeted by small-scale studies and little is known about their microscopic fauna. We sampled
all the remaining 110 representatives of this habitat type (including recently restored ones) in
Europe in an area covering approximately 125 000km2. We analyzed spring and summer
zooplankton species composition including rotifers, copepods, and cladocerans. We found
105 Rotifera, 26 Cladocera, and 26 Copepoda taxa, with local species richness ranging
between 1 and 38 taxa. Alpha diversity was comparable in the two main groups (Rotifera,
Crustacea), while beta and gamma diversity was higher in rotifers. The most frequently
occurring zooplankters were crustaceans, while rotifer taxa were rarer as the most frequent
species inhabited less than half of the pans. Dominance of the natronophilic Arctodiaptomus
spinosus proved to be a reliable indicator for high quality soda pans. We concluded that the
most typical soda pan zooplankton communities developed by early summer, in the
concentrated pans, thus we would suggest considering this period as a reference for
ecological state monitoring, and especially for evaluating the success of soda pan
rehabilitations or reconstructions with the help of zooplankton. Based on these criteria,
restorations could be considered only moderately successful.