Boros E., L. Forró, G. Gere et al: The role of aquatic birds ...(2008)

Boros E., L. Forró, G. Gere, O. Kiss, L. Vörös, & S. †Andrikovics
The role of aquatic birds in the regulation of trophic relationships of continental soda pans in Hungary
Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 54 (Suppl. 1): pp. 189–206.
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This study implemented the following guild model concept to demonstrate the role of aquatic
birds in the nutrient load of lakes: net importer guild, importer-exporter guild, and net exporter
guild. The net C, N, and P load by aquatic bird guilds were estimated by the counted numbers
of the aquatic birds. C-, N-, and P-contents and volumes of bird excrement based on our own
and literature data of the six most important soda pans and a control site (without birds) in the
southern part of Hungary. The following selected water quality parameters were also measured:
salinity, pH, and the concentration of nitrate-nitrogen (NO3-N), orthophosphate-phosphorus
(PO4-P), total phosphorus (TP), total organic carbon (TOC), and dissolved organic carbon
It was demonstrated that investigated soda alkaline waters had high TOC and DOC
concentrations and hypertrophic levels of TP, but the nitrogen-phosphorus ratio was unusually
below 1. It was concluded that the low N/P ratio was caused by high pH (pH > 9).
The aquatic bird contribution to the total external nutrient load was estimated to be approximately
C: 50%, N: 35%, P: 70%. Significant linear regression was indicated between the
yearly total carbon load (mg m–2 year–1) by aquatic birds and the yearly average TOC concentration
(mg L–1), as well as between the yearly total phosphorus load (mg m–2 year–1) by
aquatic birds and the yearly average TP concentration (mg m–3).