Boros E., T. Nagy, Cs. Pigniczki et al: The effect of aquatic birds ...(2008)

Boros E., T. Nagy, Cs. Pigniczki, L. Kotymán, K. V.-Balogh & L. Vörös
The effect of aquatic birds on the nutrient load and water quality of soda pans in Hungary
Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 54 (Suppl. 1): pp. 207–224.
Angol nyelvű összefoglaló: 

The aim of this study was to estimate the population sizes, food resources, food selection and
trophic regulation of aquatic birds in these soda pans. We classified the estimated density of
birds into 3 simple nutrient cycling guilds: net-importer, exporter-importer and the net-exporter.
The most important aquatic bird guild was the net-importer guild (51–70%), and the
second was the exporter-importer guild (41–27%), while the relative densities of the net-exporter
guild was the lowest (8–3%) in the investigated 2 pans. The captive foraging experiment
demonstrated that the filter-feeder wildfowl (Anas species) could successfully remove
the microcrustacean plankton and invertebrate nekton from the water. The biomass of planktonic
crustaceans was significantly more by an order of magnitude than the biomass of the
other invertebrates (benthos, nekton). The relatively simple trophic relationships demonstrate