Erdős L, R Gallé, Z Bátori et al: Properties of shrubforest edges... (2011)

Erdős L., Gallé R., Bátori Z., Papp M., Körmöczi L.
Properties of shrubforest edges: a case study from South Hungary.
Central European Journal of Biology 6: pp. 639-658.
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Knowledge on edge properties is important from a conservation perspective. Our study was carried out in the ancient vegetation mosaic of the Villány Mts, South-Hungary. Sampling was conducted along eight transects, each running from a rock sward through a shrubforest patch into another rock sward. Unlike most studies, we identified edge position objectively, using a moving split-window analysis. Five
habitat types along each transect were distinguished: north-facing rock sward interior, north-facing edge, shrubforest interior, southfacing edge, and south-facing rock sward interior. In the forty 2 m² plots, a total of 157 species were found. Species richness and Shannon diversity of the edges was higher than those of the shrubforest interiors, but not significantly different from the rock swards. Cover did not differ significantly among habitat types. We found only a few edge-related species. No differences between differently-oriented edges were revealed. Species composition of the edges was influenced mostly by the rock sward matrix. We hypothesize that ecological conditions of the edges resemble those of the rock sward interiors. Thus, sward species can penetrate into shrubforest edges, entailing a similar composition of edges and rock swards, resulting in similar diversities. Edges might be viewed as refugia for valuable plants of rock swards.