Distributed Infrastructure for EXPErimentation in Ecosystem Research

EU FP7 (262060, 2010 - 2014, befejezett projekt)
A projekt fő vezetője: 
Abad Chabbi, INRA, France
A projektet vezető intézmény: 
Institut Nacional de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA, France, coordinator)
Rövid leírás: 

EXPEER will bring together, major observational, experimental, analytical and modelling facilities in ecosystem science in Europe. By uniting these highly instrumented ecosystem research facilities under the same umbrella and with a common vision, EXPEER will form a key contribution to structuring and improving the European Research Area (ERA) within terrestrial ecosystem research. EXPEER builds on an ambitious plant for networking research groups and facilities. The joint research activities will provide a common framework and roadmap for improving the quality, interaction and individual as well as joint performance of these infrastructures in a durable and sustainable manner. IEB HAS contributes to the project with the KISKUN LTER facilities like VULCAL/INREASE climate change simulation field experiment, as well as long-term monitoring studies, e.g. on regeneration after wild-fire and landscape scale diversity-production relations.