Takács G, Molnár Zs, M Biró et al: Habitat mapping. Handbooks of ... (2009)

Takács G, Molnár Zsolt, Marianna Biró, János Bölöni, Ferenc Horváth, András Kun
Habitat mapping. Handbooks of National Biodiversity Monitoring System IX.
2nd modified edition. MTA ÖBKI - KvVM, Vácrátót - Budapest, 54 pp.
Angol nyelvű összefoglaló: 

The Hungarian National Biodiversity Monitoring System was launched by a series a manuals ten years ago.
These manuals can not only be used by professionals, but any other people interested in nature. The manuals are
professional books containing both the theoretical and practial aspects of biodiversity monitoring. Biodiversity
monitoring focuses on populations, communities, habitats and habitat complexes. The Hungarian National Biodiversity Monitoring System provides data for the Nature conservation Information System (NCIS) on the state and change of the living world at diffferent levels of organization to help nature conservation policy and practice. To monitore and protect nature is a common task of many people, and the increase of biodiversity loss demands detailed documentation of the survived biological heritage.
Monitoring needs precise, and long-term data collection and analysis to monitor the changes at the different
organizational levels and at different spatial and time scales. The landscape scale is of prime importance, hence the habitat mapping has great emphasis in the Monitoring System. In the last 10 years cca. 3% of the country was already mapped in 5*5 km large quadrats, that will be repeated in the next 10 years. This monitoring will be a part of the new Natura 2000 habitat monitoring system.
Methodological experiences and technical improvements forced the up-dating of the 10 year old habitat mapping protocol. We hope that this new protocol will further improve the efficiency and quality of habitat mapping monitoring in Hungary!