ÖBI-Seminar: Báldi, András

2020-02-13, 09:30 - 10:30
Vácrátót, Kastély (Castle)

András Báldi on behalf of the FFE team

Designing sampling protocol for the Flower Fields Experiment

The aim of this seminar is to introduce a starting, large-scale field experiment established by the Lendület Ecosystem Services Research Group and discuss its sampling protocol. The primary aim of the Flower Fields Experiment (FFE) is to study the local and landscape scale effects of these diverse, additional flower resources on pollinators and pollination services, depending on landscape context (simply versus complex) and flower field fragmentation (one large wildflower field versus three smaller flower strips with the same total area). The FFE has 24 circular landscape windows with 500 m radius, half of these in simply landscapes (>90% arable), half in complex landscapes (40-60% semi-natural habitats). In addition 8-8-8 landscape windows got different treatments: Treatment 1: one half hectare flower field was established in the centre of the landscape window; Treatment 2: three flower strips were established in the middle area with a total of 0.5 ha area; Treatment 3: no sown wildflower fields, i.e. control. We used a seed mixture of 32 native, locally occurring plant species. From 2020 we will follow the development of vegetation on newly established flower fields, usage of wildflower fields and strips by different pollinator groups, and pollinators and pollination services at the landscape scale in various distances from the sown fields/strips during the forthcoming min. 4 years. Details on the sampling protocol will be presented, and comments will be appreciated. The FFE will be also open for further research ideas and further contributors.