ÖBI-Seminar: Aszalós, Réka

2019-01-31, 09:30 - 10:30
Vácrátót, 2. emeleti tárgyaló

European forests are managed outside the range of their natural disturbance regimes

bstract: It has been broadly accepted that forest management more align with natural processes is the key element to preserve biodiversity, to ensure a broader array of ecosystem services and functions, to enhance forest resilience to climate change and to meet specific societal needs. However, widely used silvicultural practices, such as even-aged forest management with shelterwood and with uniform clearcutting systems, operate outside the historic variability of natural disturbance regimes in European forests. Using a broad literature review on past and recent disturbance events in the temperate and boreal forest zone, and expert knowledge of 10 target European countries on recent management methods, size, rotation time and retention percentage are assessed in four forest types.