3rd BioVeL - Biome-BGC workshop

The title of our meeting: "Simple and effective use of ecosystem models in network environment", was aimed to emphasize the main objectives of our scheme for development. The Biome-BGC model is of course not as simple as to be easily run by pressing a button. An accurate analysis has many scientific conditions, and we can provide a great deal of help to fulfill these.

Zoltán Barcza opened the workshop by up to date presentation of the really important topics, such as: carbon-cycle, scenarios, uncertainties; where are we now; what can modelling add to it.

Then Ferenc Horváth outlined our development schemes and the status of their realization (sensitivity analysis, model-data fusion, spatial extension, grid integration, visualisation, ... parameter database).

Dóra Hidy introduced the main characteristics of the MuSo version of Biome-BGC, and the need for its testing, followed by

Péter Ittzés and Dóra Krasser presenting the database user-friendly surface of the Biome-BGC Project and the theoretical operation of integrating with the SZTAKI Desktop Grid (the on-line demonstration unfortunately failed, we are about to find its reasons).

Laura Dobor and Zoltán Barcza were the next lecturers talking about the FORESEE meteorology database (Zoltán Barcza's lecture), which met our great interest and enthusiasm - the results of interpolated daily meteorology and scenarios of Middle-Europe between 1951-2100, with good spatial resolution ... something we will hear a lot more about later.

The afternoon section rather focused on the planned uses of this model: Borbála Balázs, Györgyi Gelybó, Miklós Kertész and Eszter Kovács presented their plans, followed by Bálint Czúcz, who talked about the schemes of the recently introduced OpenNESS project related to our innovations. During this section the participants could have their unexplained questions answered and settle their thoughts ... some of the most important successes of this workshop.

Further information about the BioVeL project can be found here: www.biovel.eu
Any questions are welcome, please write to: Ferenc Horváth