Forest Reserve Research

HU - others (Forest Reserve Research, 1997 - continuous ..., running project)
Coordinator or leader of the project: 
Ferenc Horváth and Katalin Mázsa
Coordinator or leader institution of the project: 
MTA ÖK Institute of Ecology and Botany
Responsible person at MTA ÖK: 
Short description: 

Forest reserves are protected forested areas (consist of strictly protected core area and buffer zone) where all human activities are ultimately stopped so that the natural processes of the forest can prevail and thus become easier to recognise and study.

  • Gaining knowledge about the natural lifecycle, varied structure, long-term processes and rich wildlife of the forests
  • Establishment and maintaining a network - as part of the European system - of forest stands representing the landscapes and characteristic forest habitats of Hungary
  • The presentation and transfer of this new knowledge towards conservation, forest management and other interested stakeholders
  • Publications: 


    Katalin Mázsa, Borbála Balázs, János Bölöni and Ferenc Horváth (2013): Strict Forest Reserve Research in the Margin of the Carpathians, the Vár-hegy Case-Study in J. Kozak et al. (eds.),The Carpathians: Integrating Nature and Society Towards Sustainability, Environmental Science and Engineering, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2013, 729 oldal More ››


    Horváth Ferenc, Bidló András, Heil Bálint, Király G, Kovács G, Mányoki Gergely, Mázsa Katalin, Tanács E, Veperdi Gábor, Bölöni János (2012): Abandonment status and long-term monitoring of strict forest reserves in the Pannonian Biogeographical Region Plant Biosystems 146(1):189-200. More ››