Selected publications

The most significant, selected publications of the Centre for Ecological Research (MTA ÖK).


Kubelka, V., Šálek, M., Tomkovich, P., Végvári, Z., Freckleton, R.P. and Székely, T. (2018): Global pattern of nest predation is disrupted by climate change in shorebirds. More ››
Lengyel Sz, Kosztyi B, Schmeller DS, Henry P-Y, Kotarac M, Lin Y-P, Henle K (2018): Evaluating and benchmarking biodiversity monitoring: Metadata-based indicators for sampling design, sampling effort and data analysis Ecological Indicators 85: pp. 624-633. More ››
Lengyel, Attila; Landucci, Flavia; Mucina, Ladislav; Tsakalos, James L.; Botta-Dukát, Zoltán (2018): Joint optimization of cluster number and abundance transformation for obtaining effective vegetation classifications Journal of Vegetation Science 29(2): 336-347. More ››
Lőkös, L ; Crişan, F ; Hur, J-S ; Varga, N ; Farkas, E (2018): Enumeration of the lichen-forming and lichenicolous fungi of the Călimani Mountains (Eastern Carpathians, Romania) STUDIA BOTANICA HUNGARICA 49 : 1 pp. 5-40. , 36 p. More ››
Lovas-Kiss Á., Sánchez M., Molnár V. A., Valls L., Armengol X., Mesquita-Joanes F., Green A. J. (2018): Crayfish invasion facilitates dispersal of plants and invertebrates by gulls. Freshwater Biology 63: pp. 392-404. More ››
Lovas-Kiss Á., Vizi B., Vincze O., Molnár V. A., Green, A. J. (2018): Endozoochory of aquatic ferns and angiosperms by mallards in central Europe. Journal of Ecology 106: pp.1714-1723 More ››
Lukács Á , Kókai Zs , Török P , Bácsi I , Borics G , Várbíró G , T-Krasznai E , Tóthmérész B , B-Béres V (2018): Colonisation processes in benthic algal communities are well reflected by functional groups Hydrobiologia 823 pp. 231-245. More ››
Marja, R., Viik, E., Mänd, M., Phillips, J., Klein, A.-M. & Batáry, P. (2018): Crop rotation and agri-environment schemes determine bumblebee communities via flower resources Journal of Applied Ecology 55: 1714-1724. More ››
Masuda T, Bernát G, Bečková M, Kotabová E, Lawrenz E, Lukeš M, Komenda J, Prášil O (2018): Diel regulation of photosynthetic activity in the oceanic unicellular diazotrophic cyanobacterium Crocosphaera watsonii WH8501 Environ. Microbiol. 20: pp. 546–560 More ››
Mérő TO, Žuljević A, Varga K, Lengyel Sz (2018): Reed management influences philopatry to reed habitats in the Great Reed-Warbler (Acrocephalus arundinaceus) Condor - Ornithological Applications 120: pp. 94-105. More ››
Mester Béla, Mérő Thomas Oliver (2018): Unusual Fishing Behavior of the Eurasian Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus) Journal Of Raptor Research 52(1): pp. 112-114. More ››
Milotic, T., Baltzinger, C., Eichberg, C., Eycott, A. E., Heurich, M., Müller, J., Noriega, J. A., Menendez, R., Stadler, J., Ádám, R., Bargmann, T., Bilger, I., Buse, J., Calatayud, J., Clubuc, C., Boros, G., Jay-Robert, P., Kruus, M., Merivee, E., Miessen, G., Must, A., Ardali, E., Preda, E., Rahimi, I., Rohwedder, D., Rose, R., Slade, E.M., Somay L., Tahmasebi, P., Ziani, S., Hoffmann, M. (2018): Functionally richer communities improve ecosystem functioning: Dung removal and secondary seed dispersal by dung beetles in the Western Palaearctic Journal of Biogeography, 1–13. More ››
Mojzes, A., Ónodi, G., Lhotsky, B., Kalapos, T., Csontos, P., Kröel-Dulay, Gy. (2018): Within-generation and transgenerational plasticity in growth and regeneration of a subordinate annual grass in a rainfall experiment. Oecologia 188(4): pp. 1059-1068. More ››
Molnár V. A., Mészáros A., Csathó A.I., Balogh G., Takács A., Löki V., Lovas-Kiss Á., Tökölyi J., Somlyai L., Bauer N. (2018): Distribution and reproduction success of the rare, dry grassland specialist Sternbergia colchiciflora (Amaryllidaceae) in Pannonian graveyards. Tuexenia 38: pp 371–384. More ››
Molnár, Zsolt, Berkes, Fikret (2018): Role of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Linking Cultural and Natural Capital in Cultural Landscapes. In: M. L. Paracchini and P. Zingari (eds). Reconnecting Natural and Cultural Capital – Contributions from Science and Policy. Office of Publications of the European Union, Brussels, pp. 183-194. More ››
Molnár Zs., Király G., Fekete G.†, Aszalós R., Barina Z., Bartha D., Biró M., Borhidi A., Bölöni J., Csiky J., Czúcz B., Dancza I., Dobor L., Farkas E., Farkas S., Horváth F., Kevey B., Lőkös L., Molnár V. A., Magyari E., Németh Cs., Papp B., Pinke Gy., Schmidt D., Schmotzer A., Solt A., Sümegi P., Szmorad F., Szurdoki E., Tiborcz V., Varga Z., Vojtkó A. (2018): Növényzet. In: Kocsis K. (főszerk.): Magyarország nemzeti atlasza: természeti környezet. Magyar Tudományos Akadémia, Csillagászati és Földtudományi Kutatóközpont, Földrajztudományi Intézet, Budapest, pp. 94-103. More ››
Móréh, Á. Szilágyi, A. Scheuring, I Müller, V. (2018): Variable effect of HIV superinfection on clinical status: insights from mathematical modeling Frontiers in microbiology 9, 1634 More ››
Móréh Ágnes, Endrédi Anett, Jordán Ferenc (2018): Additivity of pairwise perturbations in food webs: topological effects Journal of Theoretical Biology 448: pp. 112-121. More ››
Moreno G, Aviron S, Berg S, Crous-Duran J, Franca A, de Jalón S García, Hartel T, Mirck J, Pantera A, Palma J H N, Paulo J A, Re G A, Sanna F, Thenail C, Varga A, Viaud V, Burgess PJ (2018): Agroforestry systems of high nature and cultural value in Europe: provision of commercial goods and other ecosystem services Agroforestry Systems 92: (4) pp. 877-891 More ››
Rika MW Muhl, Daniel L Roelke, Tamar Zohary, Maria Moustaka‐Gouni, Ulrich Sommer, Gábor Borics, Ursula Gaedke, Frances G Withrow, Joydeb Bhattacharyya (2018): Resisting annihilation: relationships between functional trait dissimilarity, assemblage competitive power and allelopathy Ecology letters, 21(9), pp.1390-1400. More ››
Nagy, K., Lengyel, A., Kovács, A. Türei, D., Csergő, A.M., Pinke, Gy. (2018): Weed species composition of small-scale farmlands bears a strong crop-related and environmental signature Weed Research 58(1): 46–56. More ››
Oborny B. (2018): Scaling laws in the fine-scale structure of range margins MDPI Mathematics 6, 315: pp. 1-13 More ››
Ónodi G; Botta-Dukát Z; Kröel-Dulay Gy; Lellei-Kovács ; Kertész M (2018): Reduction in primary production followed by rapid recovery of plant biomass in response to repeated mid-season droughts in a semiarid shrubland PLANT ECOLOGY 219(5): pp. 517-526. More ››
Óvári M., Laczi M., Török J., Mihucz V.G., Záray Gy. (2018): Elemental composition in feathers of a migratory passerine for differentiation of sex, age, and molting areas Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 25(3), pp 2021–2034. More ››
Péter Dobosy, Éva Cseperke Vizsolyi, Imre Varga, József Varga, Győző Láng, Gyula Záray (2018): Comparative study of ferrate and thermally activated persulfate treatments for removal of mono- and dichlorobenzenes from groundwater Microchemical Journal 136 (2018) 61–66 More ››