IEB Large-scale Vegetation Ecology Research Group

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The research group studies the vegetation patterns and processes at large (geographic) scales with special attention to effects of climate change, biological invasions and land-use changes.

Selected publications:


Bölöni J, Botta-Dukát Z, Illyés E, Molnár Zs (2011): Hungarian landscape types: classification of landscapes based on the relative cover of (semi-) natural habitats - Applied Vegetation Science (14): 537-546.
Czúcz B, Gálhidy L, Mátyás Cs (2011): Present and forecasted xeric climatic limits of beech and sessile oak distribution at low altitudes in Central Europe Annals of Forest Science, 68(1): 99-108.
Pinke Gy, Karácsony P, Czúcz B, Botta-Dukát Z (2011): Environmental and land-use variables determining the abundance of Ambrosia artemisiifolia in arable fields in Hungary Preslia 83 (2): 219-235.
Pinke Gy, Pál R W, Tóth K, Karácsony P, Czúcz B, Botta-Dukát Z (2011): Weed vegetation of poppy (Papaver somniferum) fields in Hungary: effects of management and environmental factors on species composition Weed Research 51: 621–630


Fekete G, Somodi I, Molnár Zs (2010): Is chorological symmetry observable within the forest steppe biome in Hungary? - A demonstrative analysis of floristic data. Community Ecology 11: 140-147.