Flakus A, Farkas E: A contribution to the taxonomy of Lyromma... (2013)

Flakus A, Farkas E
A contribution to the taxonomy of Lyromma (Lyrommataceae, lichenized Ascomycota) with a species key.
Mycotaxon 124: 127-141.

The paper presents a new concept of conidial-ascosporic relationship in the foliicolous lichenized genus Lyromma and a revised key to species determination. Lyromma coronatum sp. nov. (Bolivia) is characterized by reduced perithecial appendages composed of clavate hyphae that form a crown around the ostiole. Lyromma multisetulatum sp. nov. (Bolivia, Brazil) is characterized by numerous large strongly recurved perithecial appendages composed of individual acicular hyphae. Undescribed ascosporic states for Lyromma dolicobelum and L. palmae and conidial states for L. ornatum and L. pilosum are described based on observations of perithecia and pycnidia for the first time in natural conditions. Confirmation of a conidial-ascosporic connection for L. nectandrae suggests L. confusum as a synonym. Lyromma dolicobelum, L. nectandrae, and L. ornatum are reported as new to Bolivia, and L. pilosum as new to Bolivia and Brazil.