Study trip of Andrei Tsurykau lichenologist in the Laboratory for Botany and Phytochemistry, Institute of Ecology and Botany, Vácrátót, 10–14 November 2014

We learned Andrei Tsurykau (F. Skoryna State University, Gomel, Belarus) during the 18th Symposium of the Baltic Mycologists and Lichenologists and Nordic Lichen Society Meeting, in Dubingiai, Lithuania, 2011, also met during the 20th Excursion and meeting of the Nordic Lichen Society Vadstena, Sweden, 2013.
It turned out that both him and our research group is interested in the study of secondary lichen substances by HPLC. This November Andrei had a possibility to visit our Laboratory for Botany and Phytochemistry and we could start working together. With the expertise of Rita Engel we tried various methods for extracting the substances.
We also visited Szent István University, Gödöllő where Zsolt Csintalan (Head of Deapartment of Plant Physiology and Ecology) and Andrei shared their experience in university education.

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Laboratory for Botany and Phytochemistry