Outstanding Student Poster award for our colleague at the General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union

András Zlinszky, research fellow of the Balaton Limnological Institute received the Outstanding Student Poster award of this year’s European Geosciences Union General Assembly, in the “Earth and Space Science Instrumentation” division. More than 9500 posters were presented at the conference in 24 divisions, with max. 4 prizes awarded for each group. The best posters were selected based on scientific content, graphical quality and presentation by the author.
The title of the poster was “Simultaneous colour visualizations of multiple ALS point cloud attributes for land cover and vegetation analysis”. András is studying the application of laser scanning data for ecology, and in this study, he developed a method for visualizing several properties of laser scanning point clouds simultaneously, based on the mixing of primary colours. This method allows easy separation of points belonging to the terrain surface, buildings, tree trunks or the canopy, and even supports visual discrimination between tree species.

The prize entitles him to publish the study in one of the open access journals of EGU, and to free registration at the General Assembly next year.
The abstract of the poster can be read here,
The poster itself is available from the following link