Kučinić M, Szivák I, Pauls SU et al.: Chaetopteryx bucari sp. n. ... (2013)

Kučinić M., Szivák I., Pauls S.U., Bálint M., Delić A., Vučković I.
Chaetopteryx bucari sp. n., a new species from the Chaetopteryx rugulosa group from Croatia (Insecta, Trichoptera, Limnephilidae) with molecular, taxonomic and ecological notes on the group
Zookeys 320: pp. 1– 28.

We describe a new autumnal caddisfly species Chaetopteryx bucari sp. n. from 8 localities in the Banovina region of Croatia. We also present molecular, taxonomic and ecological notes (emergence, sex ratio and seasonal dynamics) on the new species and discuss the distribution of Chaetopteryx species in general and the C. rugulosa group in particular. Based on Bayesian phylogenetic analysis C. rugulosa schmidi was separated from the clade containing the other subspecies of C. rugulosa. Thus the subspecies C. r. schmidi is here raised to species level, C. schmidi, as it was described originally. We further present distribution data on rare species in the genus Chaetopteryx in Croatia.