Shepherds still know what ramballs are good for

Is ramballs an animal or a plant? How many kinds of hedgehogs inhabit the Hortobágy part of the Great Hungarian Plain? What are shepherd's crooks good for? We have been wandering on the Puszta for two days with the guidance of researcher Zsolt Molnár who studies the traditional knowledge of shepherds. It would be useful to listen to the indigenous experts before scientists decide about nature protection issues.
Zsolt Molnár has been studying the traditional ecological knowledge of shepherds and peasants for ten years as the senior researcher of the Institute of Ecology and Botany of Centre for Ecological Research of Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He works on the Hortobágy, in the Gyimes region of Romania and Middle-Asian countries. One, who spends most of its lifetime in the nature knows a lot about the plants and history of that landscape.The shepherds of Hortobágy can name 250 of the 440 plant species living there and they put them under 172 common names.