The 3rd Joint Danube Survey was launched

The world's largest river research survey was launched for the third time by the scientific leadership of a Hungarian researcher dr. Béla Csányi coordinated by the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR). The third Joint Danube Survey was launched from Regensburg, Germany with four ships. The researchers will travel a total of 2375 kilometres in 6 weeks , while studying the water quality, sediments, ecosystems and ecological status of the Danube and its tributaries.
The international team counting 20 scientists have 4 Hungarian researchers of the Centre for Ecological Research HAS on board. A total of 68 samples will be taken from the water of the Danube during the survey. Among other things the parameters characterizing the status of the water will be checked. The experts - besides examining the sediments, measuring the speed of the river - are studying whether toxic elements have accumulated in fish, and an inventory is made of ports, changes in morphology, natural and manmade riverbank sections. The objective of the programme besides the survey is to draw attention to the values and the sustainable use of the river and the conservation of the status of the waters.

You can follow the expedition at the homepage.