Horváth A: Validation of description of ... (2010)

Horváth András
Validation of description of the xeromesophilous loess grassland association, Euphorbio pannonicae - Brachypodietum pinnati.
Acta Botanica Hungarica 52: 103-122.
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The xeromesophilous loess grassland association, Euphorbio pannonicae – Brachypodietum, had been outlined seven years ago by the author (Horváth 2002). This first publication of the association provided a valid name for it, characterized the community by dominant, constant and typical species, as well as the abiotic conditions and attributes of small-scale spatial patterns. Based on these parameters, the new coenotaxon has been separated from xerophilous loess grassland association (Salvio – Festucetum rupicolae Zólyomi ex Soó 1964). Nevertheless, the prior description has to be considered incomplete, because it reported only the synthetic attributes of species occurrences in the surveyed stands of the community. In this paper, the description of the association is validated with offering a complete phytosociological table and selecting the holotype relevé. In addition, the author summarizes the floristic, coenological and ecological characters of the association. It has to be considered as a well-distinguishable xeromesophilous coenotaxon of the Pannonian loess vegetation, stands of which constantly occur on north or northeast slopes. It has high nature conservancy values because many forest and forest-steppe species of the zonal forest-steppe vegetation of the Great Hungarian Plan could only survive within it.