Farkas E, Lőkös L, Molnár K: Lichen mapping in Komárom, ... (2001)

Farkas Edit, Lőkös László, Molnár K
Lichen mapping in Komárom, NW Hungary.
Acta Bot. Hung. 43: 147-162.

For air pollution lichen mapping of Komárom (NW Hungary) 50 lichen taxa were collected at 84 sites between October 1997 and April 1999. Except for 3 species (Caloplaca decipiens, Evernia prunastri, Physcia tenella) all are new for the investigated area, as it was lichenologically poorly known before. The occurrence of the most frequent species (Amandinea punctata, Lecanora hagenii, Phaeophyscia orbicularis, Physcia adscendens, P. tenella, Xanthoria parietina) correlates with the dominating dust pollution. Two different zones can be distinguished on the basis of the lichen flora. These are situated in the highly built-up central and in the sorrounding areas.