Horváth F, Molnár Zs, Czúcz B et al: The inventory state and ... (2011)

Horváth Ferenc, Molnár Zsolt, Czúcz Bálint, Mázsa Katalin, Balázs Borbála, Ónodi Gábor, Kertész Miklós
The inventory state and assessment of Hungary's natural habitats in terms of ecosystem services
In: Nagy G. G. & Kiss V. (eds) Borrowing Services from Nature: Methodologies of Ecosystem Services Based on Hungarian Case Studies. CEEWEB for Biodiversity, Budapest pp. 24-42.
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... The pattern of ecosystems and their utilisation are not uniformly distributed. From this point of view the results of program MÉTA provide new and fundamental knowledge about the country's ecological state ...