The Biome-BGC ecosystem process model - improved by the Knowledge Base and e-Informatics Group - is now running on the GRID system of computers with EDGeS@Home desktop grid ...

Dr György Kriska, senior researcher of the Danube Research Institute authored the Freshwater Invertebrates in Central Europe – A Field Guide published by Springer.

This year it is the first time that our Institute of Ecology and Botany (IEB) among many others joins the programme series of Researcher's Night!

We provide several opportunities during this event at different sites of our Institute from 15:00 to 18:30.

The Danube has bloomed again after a long time. This phenomenon is caused by the swarming of millions of the Danube mayfly or Dunavirág (Ephoron virgo), being a special occasion because this species of mayflies has disappeared from the rivers of Middle-Europe for decades owing to water pollution.

The public could take a closer look at the work of the researchers of the International Danube Expedition at the building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.