Dr.Anand Narain Singh is a restoration ecologist currently working as an assistant Professor in the department of Botany, Panjab University Chandigarh-160014 since 2005 ( ; ResearchGate:

We learned Andrei Tsurykau (F. Skoryna State University, Gomel, Belarus) during the 18th Symposium of the Baltic Mycologists and Lichenologists and Nordic Lichen Society Meeting, in Dubingiai, Lithuania, 2011, also met during the 20th Excursion and meeting of the Nordic Lichen Society Vadstena, Sweden, 2013.

First contacts with Slovakian colleagues date back to the 1980s,1990s. We participated in various scientific events in both countries, e.g., the Slovak lichenological team organized the international conference „Decline and conservation of lichens and bryophytes in Central Europe” (Smolenice, 1991).

A proposal to build "Ecoinformatics Laboratory" was awarded by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Principal Investigator: Zoltán Botta-Dukát, DSc - director of the Institute of Ecology and Botany, MTA ÖK

András Zlinszky, research fellow of the Balaton Limnological Institute received the Outstanding Student Poster award of this year’s European Geosciences Union General Assembly, in the “Earth and Space Science Instrumentation” division. More than 9500 posters were presented at the conference in 24 divisions, with max.

The International Workshop Remote Sensing and GIS for Monitoring of Habitat Quality, organized by GEO TU Wien and the Centre for Ecological Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, will connect scientists, practitioners and sta

About 60 experts of 12 countries from the United Kingdom to Kazakhstan participate the Pannon Seed Bank conference starting on the 24th of February. The event concentrates on sharing of special seed bank management knowledge of experts from abroad in order to enhance further development of the Pannon Seed Bank.

For the first time, the Commission has indicated funding priorities over two years, providing researchers and businesses with more certainty than ever before on the direction of EU research policy. Calls in the 2014 budget alone are worth around €7.8 billion, with funding focused on the three key pillars of Horizon 2020:

The Biome-BGC ecosystem process model - improved by the Knowledge Base and e-Informatics Group - is now running on the GRID system of computers with EDGeS@Home desktop grid ...

Dr György Kriska, senior researcher of the Danube Research Institute authored the Freshwater Invertebrates in Central Europe – A Field Guide published by Springer.