Horváth F, Aszalós R, Biró M et al: A MÉTA adatbázis felhasználása ... (2010)

Horváth Ferenc, Aszalós Réka, Biró Marianna, Bölöni János, Molnár Zsolt
A MÉTA adatbázis felhasználása az Ipoly-vízgyűjtő egységes térinformatikai rendszerének kialakításában
Tájökológiai Lapok 8(3): 579-590.

Filling environmental decision support systems that relies on GIS-related databases with actual field-based information is usually constrained, time consuming or expensive. As MÉTA database contains and handle actual landscape ecology, nature conservation, vegetation an habitat related information, its synthesis with CORINE land cover database under expert control enabled the production of a new generation of GIS layers. After harmonizing the methods with the Slovak partner, among others, we have developed for the Hungarian part of Ipoly watershed the so-called geo-ecosystem map, the actual vegetation map (scale 1:50.000) and the map of landscape naturalness in the hexagonal system of MÉTA.