Salamon-Albert É, Ortmann-Ajkai A, Horváth F et al: Climatic conditions of semi-natural ... (2010)

Salamon-Albert Éva, Ortmann-Ajkai Adrienne, Horváth Ferenc, Morschhauser Tamás
Climatic conditions of semi-natural habitats in Belső-Somogy, Külső-Somogy and Zselic regions I. Climatic surface and climatic envelope of woodlands
Natura Somogyiensis 10(17):65-76.

In our study bioclimatic variables calculated from long-term temperature and precipitation data (1960-1990) were applied in order to define climatic surfaces and climatic envelope of significant woody habitat types in three vegetation-based hilly landscape of South Transdanubia (Belső-Somogy, Külső-Somogy, Zselic). Certain differencies can be observed in the climatic surface of the regions. Külső-Somogy is the most extreme region by all the bioclimatic indeces, Zselic is the most balanced by precipitation and Belső-Somogy is similar by the temperature indeces. Climatic envelopes of main woody habitat types (J – riverine and swamp woodlands, K – mesic deciduous woodlands, L – dry closed deciduous woodlands, R – other tree dominated habitats) are considerably overlapping by the selected bioclimatic variables. Precipitation must be a significant role in the existence of woody habitat types according to the landscape region. Values of temperature are valid in a narrower range without any differentiation by the habitats or landscapes.

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