Lájer K, Botta-Dukát Z, Csiky J et al: Hungarian Phytosociological database (COENODATREF): ... (2008)

Lájer K, Botta-Dukát Z, Csiky J, Horváth F, Szmorad F, Bagi I, Dobolyi ZK, Hahn I, Kovács J A, Rédei T
Hungarian Phytosociological database (COENODATREF): sampling methodology, nomenclature and its actual stage.
Annali di Botanica nuova series 7: 197-201.
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The article contains the methodological guide of the national phytocoenological database, called CoenoDatRef, which was prepared to build up the first Hungarian reference databank of the natural and semi-natural vegetation types in 2003. Nomenclature of plants follows DOBOLYI (2002). Syntaxonomical nomenclature follows BORHIDI-SÁNTA (1999) and BORHIDI (2003). For databasing the authors used TurboVeg for Windows. Up to now, CoenoDatRef contains some 9,000 relevés of app. 400 natural and/or semi-natural associations. The number of entered relevés of different vegetation classes is included.