Gabor Maasz, Matyas, Mayer, Zita Zrinyi et al: Spatiotemporal variations of pharmacologically active...(2019)

Gabor Maasz, Matyas Mayer, Zita Zrinyi, Eva Molnar, Monika Kuzma, Istvan Fodor, Zsolt Pirger, Péter Takács
Spatiotemporal variations of pharmacologically active compounds in surface waters of a summer holiday destination
Science of the Total Environment 677 (2019) 545–555

The release of pharmacologically active compounds (PhACs) into aquatic ecosystems poses an environmental risk resulting in a chronic exposure of non-target organisms. A great variety of PhACs, of generally low concentrations, and the complicated sample preparation,makes circumstantial the accurate detection and quantification. Additionally, there is little information published about the spatiotemporal variation of the PhAC load in a larger catchment area utilised for touristic purposes. In addition to the natural biotic and abiotic changes, the seasonal variation of tourism also has a dramatic impact onwater quality and the natural ecosystemin larger catchment areas. Therefore, our aim was to develop a reliable solid-phase extraction (SPE)-supercritical fluid chromatography tandem mass
spectrometry (SFC-MS/MS) method for simultaneous multi-residue analysis of drugs to reveal the spatiotemporal changes in the PhAC contaminations in thewaters of an important touristic region, the catchment area of the largest shallow lake in Central Europe, Lake Balaton (Hungary). The evironmental application of the developed method revealed 69 out of the traced 134 chemical compounds, including 15 PhACs, which were detected fromnatural waters for the first time. Wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) loads have a major role in the PhAC contamination of the studied area; at the same time, the mass tourism-induced PhAC contamination was also detectable. Furthermore,
the impact of tourism was indicated by elevated concentrations of recreational substances (e.g., caffeine
and illicit drugs) in the touristic season affecting the water quality of this important summer holiday destination.