Krisztina BUCZKÓ

DRI Department of Environmental Chemistry and Plant Ecology
research associate professor
buczko.krisztina [at]
+36 30 2748258
Brief description of the main scopes: 

Diatom-based paleoecological reconstructions
Diatom taxonomy
Assessment of ecological quality of surface waters with study of phytobenthos.
Ecology and taxonomy of diatoms in lakes and rivers in the Carpathian Mountains

Main profile in keywords: 
Paleolimnology, Carpathian Mountain lakes and mires, Diatom taxonomy, Quantitative reconstruction, Lake Saint Anne
Selected publications: 


Tóth, M., Buczkó, K., Specziár, A., Heiri, O., Braun, M., Hubay, K., Czakó, D., Magyari, E.K. (2018): Limnological changes in South Carpathian glacier-formed lakes (Retezat Mountains, Romania) during the Late Glacial and the Holocene: a synthesis Quaternary International 477: pp. 138–152. More ››


Ács, É;. Wetzel, C. E.; Buczkó, K.; Kiss, K. T.; Nagy, K.; Trábert Zs.; Földi, A..; Pozderka, V..; Werner, P.; Heudre, D. & Luc Ector, L (2017): Biogeography and morphology of a poorly known Sellaphora species Fottea, Olomouc, 17(1): 57–64 More ››


Tóth, M., Magyari, E.K., Buczkó, K., Braun, M., Panagiotopoulos, K., Heiri, O. (2015): Chironomid-inferred Holocene temperature changes in the South Carpathians (Romania) The Holocene 25 (4): pp. 569–582. More ››


Buczkó, K., Magyari, E. K., Braun, M., Bálint, M. (2013): Diatom-inferred lateglacial and Holocene climatic variability in the South Carpathian Mountains (Romania) Quaternary International 293: 123-135 More ››


Buczkó K, Magyari EK, Hübener T, Braun M, Bálint M, Tóth M, Lotter AF (2012): Responses of diatoms to the Younger Dryas climatic reversal in a South Carpathian mountain lake (Romania). Journal of Paleolimnology 48(2): 417-431. More ››