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IEB Department of Terrestrial Ecology
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Selected publications: 


Aszalós, R., Horváth, F., Mázsa, K., Ódor, P., Lengyel, A., Kovács, G., Bölöni, J. (2017): First signs of old-growth structure and composition of an oak forest after four decades of abandonment. Biologia (Bratislava) 72: 1264-1274. More ››
Bölöni János, Ódor Péter, Ádám Réka, William S Keeton , Aszalós Réka (2017): Quantity and dynamics of dead wood in managed and unmanaged dry-mesic oak forests in the Hungarian Carpathians FOREST ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT 399: pp. 120-131. More ››
Nagy Gergő Gábor, Ladányi Márta, Arany Ildikó, Aszalós Réka, Czúcz Bálint (2017): Birds and plants: comparing biodiversity indicators in eight lowland agricultural mosaic landscapes in Hungary ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS 73: pp. 566-573 More ››


Ónodi G, Altbäcker V, Aszalós R, Botta-Dukát Z, Hahn I, Kertész M (2014): Long-term weather sensitivity of open sand grasslands of the Kiskunság Sand Ridge forest-steppe mosaic after wildfires COMMUNITY ECOLOGY 15 (1): 121-129. More ››


Aszalós R, Somodi I, Kenderes K, Ruff J, Czúcz B, Standovár T (2012): Accurate prediction of ice disturbance in European deciduous forests with generalized linear models: a comparison of field-based and airborne-based approaches EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF FOREST RESEARCH 131: 1905-1915. More ››


Kenderes Kata, Aszalós Réka, Ruff János, Barton Zsolt, Standovár Tibor (2007): Effects of topography and tree stand characteristics on susceptibility of forests to natural disturbances (ice and wind) in the Börzsöny Mountains (Hungary) COMMUNITY ECOLOGY 8:(2) pp. 209-220. More ››


Bartha Dénes, Ódor Péter, Horváth T, Tímár Gábor, Kenderes Kata, Standovár Tibor, Bölöni János, Szmorad Ferenc, Bodonczi László, Aszalós Réka (2006): Relationship of Tree Stand Heterogeneity and Forest Naturalness. Acta Silvatica et Lignaria Hungarica 2: 7-22. More ››
Standovár, T., Ódor, P., Aszalós, R. and Gálhidy, L. (2006): Sensitivity of ground layer vegetation diversity descriptors in indicating forest naturalness. Community Ecology 7(2): 199-209. More ››


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Fekete Gábor, Virágh Klára, Aszalós Réka, Orlóczi László (1998): Landscape and coenological differentiation of Brachypodium pinnatum grassland in Hungary. Coenoses 13: 39-53. More ››