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Selected publications:


Czúcz, B ; Arany, I ; Potschin-Young, M ; Bereczki, K ; Kertész, M ; Kiss, M ; Aszalós, R ; Haines-Young, R (2018): Where concepts meet the real world: A systematic review of ecosystem service indicators and their classification using CICES ECOSYSTEM SERVICES 29 pp. 145-157. , 13 p.
Elek, Z., Kovács, B., Aszalós, R., Boros, G., Samu, F., Tinya, F., Ódor, P. (2018): Taxon-specific responses to different forestry treatments in a temperate forest. Scientific Reports 8, 16990.


Aszalós, R., Horváth, F., Mázsa, K., Ódor, P., Lengyel, A., Kovács, G., Bölöni, J. (2017): First signs of old-growth structure and composition of an oak forest after four decades of abandonment. Biologia (Bratislava) 72: 1264-1274.
Bölöni János, Ódor Péter, Ádám Réka, William S Keeton , Aszalós Réka (2017): Quantity and dynamics of dead wood in managed and unmanaged dry-mesic oak forests in the Hungarian Carpathians FOREST ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT 399: pp. 120-131.