IEB Department of Terrestrial Ecology
ollerer.kinga [at]
Brief description of the main scopes: 

My work involves research as part of the project entitled Effects of extensive grazing on vegetation in non-conventional pasture-lands (marshes and forests), and the study of relationships between traditional ecological knowledge and biodiversity in the framework of IPBES.

Publications can be accessed at ResearchGate.

Main profile in keywords: 
wood-pasture, grazing, landscape history, traditional land use practices, traditional ecological knowledge, biodiversity
Selected publications:


Biró, M., Molnár, Zs., Babai, D., Dénes, A., Fehér, A., Barta, S., Sáfián, L., Szabados, K., Kiš, A., Demeter, L., Öllerer, K. (2019): Reviewing historical traditional knowledge for innovative conservation management: A re-evaluation of wetland grazing. Science of The Total Environment. 666: 1114–1125.
Öllerer K., Varga A., Kirby K., Demeter L., Biró M., Bölöni J., Molnár Z (2019): Beyond the obvious impact of domestic livestock grazing on temperate forest vegetation – A global review Biological Conservation 237: 209–219


Bobiec A., Reif A., Öllerer K. (2018): Seeing the oakscape beyond the forest: a landscape approach to the oak regeneration in Europe Landscape Ecology 33: 513–528.


Moga C., Samoilă C., Öllerer K., Băncilă R., Réti K., Craioveanu C., Poszet Sz., Rákosy L. & Hartel T. (2016): Environmental determinants of the old oaks in wood-pastures from a changing traditional social-ecological system of Romania Ambio, 45(4): 480–489