Károly PÁLFFY, PhD

GINOP Sustainable Ecosystems Group
research fellow
BLI Department of Hidrobotany
palffy.karoly [at] okologia.mta.hu
+36 87 448-244 / 129, 225
Brief description of the main scopes: 

Flow cytometric and microscopic analysis of phytoplankton composition and bacterial abundance. Analysis of long-term phytoplankton data from a functional diversity aspect. Experimental studies on the effect of zooplankton grazing on phytoplankton abundance (top-down control).

Main profile in keywords: 
phytoplankton composition, bacteria, zooplankton grazing, functional diversity, long-term phytoplankton data
Selected publications:


Pálffy K., Felföldi T., Mentes A., Horváth H., Márialigeti K., Boros E., Vörös L., Somogyi B. (2014): Unique picoeukaryotic algal community under multiple environmental stress conditions in a shallow, alkaline pan Extremophiles, 18. pp. 111-119