BLI Department of Hidrozoology
research fellow
czegledi.istvan [at]
+36 87 448 244/ 120
Brief description of the main scopes: 

My main research areas are the organization of fish assemblages and the ecology of invasive species (mainly fish species).

Main profile in keywords: 
organization of fish assemblages, invasive species.
Selected publications: 


Sándor, Baranya ; Gábor, Fleit ; János, Józsa ; Zoltán, Szalóky ; Balázs, Tóth ; István, Czeglédi ; Tibor, Erős (2018): Habitat mapping of riverine fish by means of hydromorphological tools ECOHYDROLOGY Ecohydrology, 11(7), e2009 More ››
Tibor Erős, Jesse R. O'Hanley,István Czeglédi (2018): A unified model for optimizing riverscape conservation Journal of Applied Ecology 55 (4), 1871-1883 More ››


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Antal L., László B., Kotlík P., Mozsár A., Czeglédi I., Oldal M., Kemenesi G., Jakab F., Nagy S. A. (2016): Phylogenetic evidence for a new species of Barbus in the Danube River basin. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution More ››
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Czeglédi I., Sály P., Takács P., Dolezsai A., Vitál Z., Nagy S. A., Erős T (2016): Do diel variations in stream fish assemblages depend on spatial positioning of the sampling sites and seasons? Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae in print. More ››


Erős T., Takács P., Czeglédi I., Sály P., Specziár A. (2015): Taxonomic- and trait-based recolonization dynamics of a riverine fish assemblage following a large-scale human-mediated disturbance: the red mud disaster in Hungary. Hydrobiologia 758: 31-45. More ››
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Czeglédi I., Erős T. (2013): Characterizing the long-term taxonomic and functional variability of a stream fish assemblage Fundamental and Applied Limnology 183/2 More ››