Gergely BOROS, PhD

GINOP Evolutionary Systems Research Group
team leader, research associate professor
BLI Department of Hidrozoology
boros.gergely [at]
+36 87 448-244 / 226, 125
Brief description of the main scopes: 

Nutrient dynamics in freshwater ecosystems, ecological stoichiometry;
Biomanipulation of shallow lakes, lake restoration;
Role of fish in nutrient (carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus) cycling;
Ecological impacts of introduced filter feeding Asian carps

Selected publications:



Jyväsjärvi, J., Boros, G., Jones, R. I. & Hämäläinen, H. (2013): The importance of sedimenting organic matter, relative to oxygen and temperature, in structuring lake profundal macroinvertebrate assemblages. Hydrobiologia 709: 55-72.
Vanni, M. J., Boros, G., McIntyre, P. B. (2013): When are fish sources versus sinks of nutrients in lake ecosystems? Ecology 94 (10): 2195-2206.


Boros, G., Jyväsjärvi, J., Takács, P., Mozsár, A., Tátrai, I., Søndergaard, M., Jones R. I. (2012): Between-lake variation in the elemental composition of roach (Rutilus rutilus L.). Aquatic Ecology 46: 385-394.


Boros, G., Søndergaard, M., Vári, Á., Takács, P., Tátrai, I. (2011): Influence of submerged macrophytes, temperature and nutrient loading on the development of redox potential around the sediment-water interface in lakes. Hydrobiologia 665: 117-127