Gábor MAÁSZ, PhD

BLI Department of Experimental Zoology
maasz.gabor [at] okologia.mta.hu
06 (87) 448-229
+36 30 473 4397
Brief description of the main scopes: 

Member of MTA ÖK BLI Adaptive Neuroetology Research Group (National Brain Project)

Monitor of organic pollutants (steroids, drug residues) at catchment area of Lake Balaton and River Zala. Liquid chromatography-Mass spectrometer (LC-MS) online coupled system was used to the investigations.

Classification of species and induviduals using mass spectrometry based phyloproteomics.

Investigation of adaptation mechanisms to the antropogenic exposure in aquatic model animals.

Main profile in keywords: 
neurochemistry, environmental chemistry, proteomics, mass spectrometry
Selected publications:


Gabor Maasz, Matyas Mayer, Zita Zrinyi, Eva Molnar, Monika Kuzma, Istvan Fodor, Zsolt Pirger, Péter Takács (2019): Spatiotemporal variations of pharmacologically active compounds in surface waters of a summer holiday destination Science of the Total Environment 677 (2019) 545–555


Maasz G, P Takács, P Boda, G Varbiro, Z Pirger (2017): Mayfly and fish species identification and sex determination in bleak (Alburnus alburnus) by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry Science of The Total Environment 601-602: pp. 317-325.
Maasz G, Z Zrinyi, P Takacs, S Lovas, I Fodor, T Kiss, Zs Pirger (2017): Complex molecular changes induced by chronic progestogens exposure in roach, Rutilus rutilus Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 139:9–17
Maasz, G., Zrinyi, Z., Reglodi, D., Petrovics, D., Rivnyak, A., Kiss, T., Jungling A, Tamas, A., Pirger, Z. (2017): Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP) has neuroprotective function in dopamine-based neurodegeneration in rat and snail parkinsonian models Disease Models and Mechanisms


Avar P, Maasz G, Takács P, Lovas S, Zrinyi Z, Svigruha R, Takátsy A, Tóth LG, Pirger Z (2016): HPLC-MS/MS analysis of steroid hormones in environmental water samples Drug Test Anal. 8(1):124-8.