Prof. Éva ÁCS, DSc

GINOP Sustainable Ecosystems Group
DRI Department of Environmental Chemistry and Plant Ecology
head of department, scientific advisor
acs.eva [at]
+36 27 345-023
Brief description of the main scopes: 
  • Assessment of ecological quality of surface waters with study of phytobenthos.
  • Ecology and taxonomy of benthic diatoms in lakes and rivers of Hungary.
  • Taxonomy of centric diatoms.

Awards and scholarships

  • 1988 award Lászlóffy Woldemár - Hungarian Hydrological Society
  • 2008 award Vitális Sándor - Hungarian Hydrological Society
  • 2010 award Pro Aqua - Hungarian Hydrological Society
  • 2010 award Vitális Sándor - Hungarian Hydrological Society
  • 1999-2000 Zoltán Magyary Research Scholarship - Found for Hungarian Education and Research
  • 2001-2003 János Bolyai Research Scholarship - Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • 2006-2007 József Öveges Research Scholarship - Hungarian Commission of Technology and Development
Main profile in keywords: 
phytobenthos, algae, taxonomy of diatoms, water qualification
Selected publications: 


Rusanov, AG; Ector, L.; Morales, EA.; Kiss, KT.; Ács, É. (2018): Morphometric analyses of Staurosira inflata comb. nov. (Bacillariophyceae) and the morphologically related Staurosira tabellaria from north-western Russia EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYCOLOGY 53(3): 336-349. More ››


Kiss Keve T, Genkal Sergei I, Ector Luc, Molnár Levente, Duleba Mónika, Bíró Péter, Ács Éva. (2013): Morphology, taxonomy and distribution of Stephanodiscus triporus (Bacillariophyceae) and related taxa. European Journal of Phycology 48(4): pp. 363-379. More ››


Rusanov AG, Stanislavskaya EV, Ács É. (2012): Periphytic algal assemblages along environmental gradients in the rivers of the Lake Ladoga basin, Northwestern Russia: implication for the water quality assessment. HYDROBIOLOGIA 695(1): pp. 305-327. More ››
SOLAK CN, BARINOVA S, ÁCS É, DAYIOGLU H. (2012): Diversity and ecology of diatoms from Felent Creek (Sakarya river basin), Turkey. TURKISH JOURNAL OF BOTANY 36: pp. 191-203. More ››
Várbíró G, Borics G, Csányi B, Fehér G, Grigorszky I, Kiss K T, Tóth A, Ács É. (2012): Improvement of the ecological water qualification system of rivers based on first results of the Hungarian phytobenthos surveillance monitoring. Hydrobiologia 695: pp. 125-135. More ››


Ács É, Ector L, Kiss K T, Cserháti Cs, Morales E A, Levkov Z. (2011): Morphological observations and emended description of Amphora micrometra Giffen from the Bolivian Altiplano, South America. Diatom Research 26(1-2): pp. 199-212. More ››


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Szabó-Taylor K É, Kiss K T, Logares R, Eiler A, Ács É, Tóth B, Bertilsson S. (2010): Composition and dynamics of microeukaryote communities in the River Danube. FOTTEA 10(1): pp. 99-113. More ››


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Ács Éva, Borsodi AK, Kiss É, Kiss Keve Tihamér, Szabó K É, Vladár P, Várbíró Gábor, Záray Gy (2008): Comparative algological and bacteriological examinations on biofilms developed on different substrata in a shallow soda lake. Aquatic Ecology 42(4): pp. 521-531. More ››
Szabó K É, Makk J, Kiss Keve Tihamér, Ács Éva, Eiler A, Tóth B, Kiss Á K, Bertilsson S (2008): Sequential colonization of river periphyton analysed by microscopy and molecular fingerprinting. Freshwater Biology 53(7): pp. 1359-1371. More ››


Ács Éva, Reskóné N M, Szabó K, Taba Gy, Kiss, KT (2005): Application of epiphytic diatoms in water quality monitoring of Lake Velencei - Recommendations and assignments. Acta Botanica Hungarica 47: 211-223 More ››


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