IEB Department of Terrestrial Ecology
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+36 28 360-122, 360-147 / 151
Brief description of the main scopes: 

Research topics:

Investigation of carbon cycling, primarily soil and ecosystem respiration and their responses to climate change simulation experiments in sandy forest-steppe vegetation.
Elaboration and intercomparison of measuring methods of soil and ecosystem carbon efflux.
Geoinformatic analyses, land use and habitat mapping.
Application, validation and calibration of biogeophysical models (CoupModel, Biome-BGC MuSo) for different ecosystems under different land uses.
Geoinformatic developments and model building for elaboration of ecosystem service indicators and working-out methodology of their analyses.
Spatial analyses of cultural ecosystem services, mainly by the methods of photoseries analyses.

Main profile in keywords: 
soil respiration, ecosystem respiration, climate change, modelling and mapping of carbon cycling, geoinformatic methods, ecosystem services
Selected publications:


Reinsch S., Koller E., Sowerby A., de Dato G., Estiarte M., Guidolotti G., Kovács-Láng E., Kröel-Dulay Gy., Lellei-Kovács E., Larsen K.S., Liberati D., Peñuelas J., Ransijn J., Robinson D.A., Schmidt I.K., Smith A.R., Tietema A., Dukes J.S., Beier C., Emmett B.A. (2017): Shrubland primary production and soil respiration diverge along European climate gradient. Scientific Reports 7, 43952.


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