GINOP Sustainable Ecosystems Group
research associate professor
BLI Department of Hidrozoology
schmera.denes [at] okologia.mta.hu
+36 87 448-244 / 218
Brief description of the main scopes: 

I am a community ecologist and studying mostly freshwater ecosystems. I am particularly interested in which mechanisms driving community assembly and also in numerical methods that are used to reveal community patterns.

Main profile in keywords: 
community ecology, conservation biology, freshwater ecology
Selected publications:


Schmera D, Heino J, Podani J, Erős T, Dolédec S, (2017): Functional diversity: a review of methodology and current knowledge in freshwater macroinvertebrate research Hydrobiologia 787: 27-44.


Schmera D, Podani J, Heino J, Erős T, Poff NL (2015): A proposed unified terminology of species traits in stream ecology Freshwater Science 34: pp. 823-830.



Schmera D, Erős T, Podani J (2009): A measure for assessing functional diversity in ecological communities Aquatic Ecology 3: 157-167.


Podani J, Schmera D (2006): On dendrogram-based measures of functional diversity Oikos 115: 179-185.