Balázs A LUKÁCS, PhD

lukacs.balazs [at]
+36 52 509-200/11270
+36 30 545-9845
Brief description of the main scopes: 

I am trained as a botanist and plant ecologist. Using aquatic plants as a study framework. In the recent years I quest general assembly rules of aquatic plants and assess the role of functional traits in species response to environmental factors. My current research covers the following areas

  • Species invasion
  • Community assembly of native and alien aquatic and wetland habitats.
  • The role of plant functional traits in native and alien aquatic plant species.
  • Study of environmental induced phenotypic plasticity among aquatic plants.

I maintain my interest in previous areas of research including:

  • The taxonomy of aquatic plants
  • Use of macrophytes in ecological status assessment.
  • Development the Hungarian macrophyte based ecological status assessment method.
  • Survey of macrophyte-environment relationship in various scales and various aquatic habitats.

Awards and scholarships

  • 2003: Medal of the University of Debrecen (for the outstanding professional and community activity).
  • 2012: Publication of the year in the University of Debrecen.
  • 2013: Youth environmental award of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
  • 2013: Zoltán Magyary postdoctoral fellowship. (12 months)
  • 2017: Bolyai János Research Fellowship (36 months)
  • 2018: UNKP Bolyai + Research Fellowship (10 months)
  • 201ö: UNKP Bolyai + Research Fellowship (10 months)
Selected publications:


Takács A., Molnár V.A., Horváth O., Sramkó G., Popiela A., Mesterházy A., Lovas-Kiss Á., Green A.J., Löki V., Nagy T. & Lukács B.A. (2017): The rare aquatic angiosperm Elatine gussonei (Elatinaceae) is more widely distributed than previously thought. AQUATIC BOTANY 141: 47-50


Lukács B A, Sramkó G, Molnár V A. (2013): Plant diversity and conservation value of continental temporary pools. Biological Conservation 158: pp. 393-400.
Takács A, B A Lukács, A Schmotzer, G Jakab, T Deli, A Mesterházy, G Király, B Balázs, R Perić, P Eliáš jun, G Sramkó, J Tökölyi, A Molnár V. (2013): Key environmental variables affecting the distribution of Elatine hungarica in the Pannonian Basin. Preslia 85: pp. 193–207.


Lukács B A, Gy Dévai, B Tóthmérész. (2011): Small scale macrophyte - environment relationship in a backwater of the Upper-Tisza valley (Hungary). Community Ecology 12(2): pp. 259-263.


Lukács B A, Tóthmérész B, Dévai Gy. (2009): The function of macrophytes in relation to environmental variables in eutrophic backwaters and mortlakes. Phytocoenologia 39(3): pp. 287–293.