Attila Lengyel

GINOP Sustainable Ecosystems Group
IEB Department of Terrestrial Ecology
research fellow
lengyel.attila [at]
Brief description of the main scopes: 

PostDoc with Polonez 3 grant in Wroclaw University from October 2017 for a year.

Research topics:
- diversity and syntaxonomy of mesic grasslands (Arrhenatheretalia) in Hungary and Central Europe
- data analysis in ecology
- assembly rules of plant communities on different spatial scales

Main profile in keywords: 
phytosociology, biogeography, data analysis, biodiversity
Selected publications: 


Lengyel, Attila; Landucci, Flavia; Mucina, Ladislav; Tsakalos, James L. (2018): Joint optimization of cluster number and abundance transformation for obtaining effective vegetation classifications Journal of Vegetation Science 29(2): 336-347. More ››


Lengyel A, Podani J (2015): Assessing the relative importance of methodological decisions in classifications of vegetation data Journal of Vegetation Science 26: 804–815. More ››


Bátori Z, Lengyel A, Maróti M, Körmöczi L, Tölgyesi Cs, Bíró A, Tóth M, Kincses Z, Cseh V, Erdős L (2014): Microclimate-vegetation relationships in natural habitat islands: species preservation and conservation perspectives Időjárás / Quarterly Journal of the Hungarian Meteorological Service 118: pp. 257-281. (2014) More ››
Purger D, Lengyel A, Kevey B, Lendvai G, Horváth A, Zagorka T & Csiky J (2014): Numerical classification of oak forests on loess in Hungary, Croatia and Serbia Preslia 86: 47–66. More ››


Lengyel A, Csiky J, Botta-Dukát Z (2012): How do locally infrequent species influence numerical classification? A simulation study Community Ecology 13(1): 64-71 More ››
Lengyel Attila, Purger Dragica, Csiky János (2012): Classification of mesic grasslands and their transitions of South Transdanubia (Hungary) Acta Botanica Croatica 71(1): 31-50. More ››


Lengyel, A., Chytrý, M., Tichý, L. (2011): Heterogeneity‐constrained random resampling of phytosociological databases Journal of Vegetation Science 22(1): 175-183. More ››