BLI Department of Hidrobotany
kovacs.attila [at]
+36 87 448-244 / 131
Brief description of the main scopes: 

  • algal especially cyanobacterial ecophysiology (effects of environmental factors on growth and primary production, toxin production, survival strategy (akinete)
  • viral ecology (abundance of viral or virus like particulum and their seasonal dynamic in freshwaters, isolation, virus-host interraction, experimental study of their role in regulation of primary production of phytoplankton especially N2−fixing cyanobacteria
  • algal isolation and culture, photobioreaktor design, algal biomass production (from laboratory to industrial level)
Main profile in keywords: 
algal ecophysiology, viral ecology, isolation and culture of algae , photobioreaktor design
Selected publications:


Riddick Caitlin AL, Hunter Peter D, Tyler Andrew N, Martinez‐Vicente Victor, Horváth Hajnalka, Kovács Attila W, Vörös Lajos, Preston Tom, Présing Mátyás (2015): Spatial variability of absorption coefficients over a biogeochemical gradient in a large and optically complex shallow lake JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-OCEANS 120(10): pp. 7040-7066.